Scientific journal "Chronos: natural and technical sciences"

The publication will take place on November 4, 2022
Electronic version placement – November 10, 2022
Indexing Articles – November 10, 2022
Distribution of printed copies – November 10, 2022
The file with the text of the report is sent by e-mail to the address:  natural@chronos-journal

Participate in the publication

To publish a scientific article in a journal, you need to follow a series of steps.

  1. Fill out an application form (indicate contact information, place of residence, place of work or study, select a heading).

  2. Send by e-mail to the editorial office a file with the text of the article, review, report, drawn up in accordance with the requirements listed in the information letter.

  3. Wait for confirmation that the work is accepted for publication.

  4. Pay the organization fee and send a scan of the document confirming the payment by e-mail.

Publication in a scientific journal is carried out within 30-45 days from the end of the acceptance of materials.

Guidelines for authors

Sending process

The author sends all the necessary materials by e-mail.
The completed work is sent to two or three reviewers.
Reviewers process articles and send them back to the editorial office for processing.
After the initial review, the editor-in-chief hands over the reviews to the authors.
Authors are invited to respond to reviewers and make the necessary corrections.
The article was sent for re-review.
The editor-in-chief can accept, reject, accept with minor changes, or send for a third review.
If accepted, the author must submit the final version. The version will be added by the publisher to the “in progress” queue.
The publisher will send a message to the authors before publishing. After approval of the article, editing is not allowed.
The article is published in the journal.

All manuscripts must fall within the journal’s area of interest and expand knowledge in specific areas, as indicated by the purpose and scope of each journal; be original in authorship and publication; be based on adequate evidence; and be important in this scientific field. Reviewers will assess the suitability of the manuscript for publication and indicate the validity of the publication. The language of publication is Russian – English, and the manuscript must be understandable and correct in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Editorial process

The manuscript will be considered for possible publication on the understanding that it is being submitted only to the Chronos journals at that point in time and has not been published anywhere, has not been submitted at the same time, or has already been accepted for publication elsewhere. The journal expects the authors to allow one of them to correspond with the journal on all matters related to the manuscript. All received manuscripts are duly confirmed. After submission, the editors first review all submitted manuscripts for suitability for formal peer review. Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific or technical deficiencies, or lack of meaningful communication are rejected pending formal review. Manuscripts that are unlikely to be of interest to readers of Chronos magazine may also be rejected at this stage.

Manuscripts suitable for journal publication are sent to two or more expert reviewers. When submitting an application, the author is asked to indicate the names of two or three qualified reviewers who have experience working on the subject of the submitted manuscript, but this is not required. Reviewers should not be affiliated with the same institutions as participants. However, the choice of these reviewers is at the discretion of the editor. The journal follows a double-blind peer review process in which reviewers and authors do not know each other. Each manuscript is also assigned to a member of the editorial group, who, based on the comments of the reviewers, makes the final decision on the manuscript. Comments and suggestions (acceptance/rejection/amendments to the manuscript) received from the reviewers are transmitted to the respective author. If required, the author is asked to provide a point by point response to the reviewers’ comments and submit a revised version of the manuscript. This process is repeated until the reviewers and editors are happy with the manuscript.

Manuscripts accepted for publication are revised for grammar, punctuation, typing style and format. Page proofs are sent to the appropriate author. Corresponding authors are expected to return corrected proofs within three days. It may not be possible to include patches received after this period. The entire process of submitting the manuscript to the final decision, as well as sending and receiving proofs, is carried out online. To enable faster and wider dissemination of knowledge and information, the journal publishes articles on the Internet as “Ahead of Print” immediately upon adoption.